What are classes like?

Classes are held live over Zoom. After you register, you will receive a Zoom link with instructions for joining the class. You will use the same link every week. Participants are encouraged to keep cameras on, but obviously there are situations and times when you may need to have your camera off! 

The structure of the class will be shaped by the purpose of the class. For example, in Feminism & Princesses, we spend the whole time talking! The discussion is generally fast-paced and very social. We never really know where the conversation is going to end up, although I do guide the discussion to accomplish specific goals each week related to themes. 

By contrast, in the Spiritual Practice of Writing, class includes both discussion and time for guided writing activities that take place during class.

You can always check the description of the class to find out more about the specific class you are interested in. 

How much do classes cost?

Classes are paid up front as a one-time fee. The fee covers the entire course. You can expect to pay between $15 and $25 for each hour of live class time.  If there are additional course materials that you need to acquire on your own, you will be given an estimated price in the class description. (I always try to choose texts that should be available at your local library without a long wait.) 

Class fees are based on the length of the class meetings, the minimum number of participants, the amount of course prep, and the level of expertise it takes to teach the class. 

I am happy to provide scholarships for anyone who needs one! Just reach out to me so that we can discuss the price you need to pay. 

Why is there a minimum number of students?

The minimum number of students exists for a few reasons. First, we want to have a variety of personalities in the class! Having a minimum (typically of 5 students) helps to create that variety. Second, reaching that minimum is one of the things that allows me to afford to teach these classes! Third, a minimum number of students ensures that class can still go on even if one or two participants needs to miss a week here or there. 

What happens if the minimum isn't met for my class? 

If the minimum is not met within 24 hours before the class starts, I will reach out to you and let you know that the section is being cancelled. You will be able to apply your payment to any future class, including a future section of the class you were already signed up for.

If the class does not fill a second time, you can either transfer to a different section again or request a full refund.  

To help avoid cancellations, please tell your friends about these classes! 

Can I get a refund?

For refunds related to class minimums, please see the question above this one.

If you purchase a class and request a refund within 48 hours of your purchase, you will receive a full refund (minus any vendor fees from your method of payment). 

If you are unsatisfied with a class, please let me know so that I can try to fix the issue! However, if you want to drop the class, you may do so up until the halfway point of the class for a pro-rated refund. For example, if you attend 25% of class meetings, you will receive a 75% refund. If you attend 50% of classes, you will receive a 50% refund.

After 50% of class meetings have occurred, a refund will no longer be issued. 

Can I pay for someone else's class?

Yes! Please just reach out to me so that we can discuss details of a gift enrollment. 

Can I get a continuing education credit for these classes?

At this time, I am not able to provide continuing education credit verification. However, I hope to offer this service in the future!

I am happy to provide a certificate for professional development to any participant if you would like to pursue having your class paid for by a grant, employer, or organization. 

If you would like to request your employer or someone else to pay for one of these classes, have them reach out to me for instructions. 

What are your qualifications to teach these courses?

Here are some snippets from my CV:

MFA, Creative Nonfiction
University of New Hampshire

BA, English
Taylor University

Work Experience
Associate Professor of English
Anderson University

Independent Educator

Indiana Faith & Writing  Conference

Assistant Director, Writing Tutor, and Core Staff Member
Connors Writing Center

Writing Instructor & Education Assistant
Cornerstone Center for the Arts


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Faith In America at Salon
Breathlessness in Relief Journal
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Additional publications at Jezebel, Everyday Feminism, the Shriver Report, Faculty Focus, and more.

Will you teach a topic on _____________________?

If you have heard or seen me talking about issues related to teaching and writing and would like me to teach a course on that topic, reach out to me and let me know! I am always looking for new classes to add to my teaching! 

Do you teach classes for kids, tweens, or teens?


Since January 2020, I have been teaching online classes for kids, tweens, and teens on Outschool. You can check out my list of classes on my teacher profile!