About Liz

Hi! I'm Liz!

In 2004, I was a senior in college, unsure of what my next steps would be, when my creative writing professor looked at the feedback I was giving my peers in our workshop class. "You should do this," he said. "You could be a writing teacher."

My first professional job after college was helping to run an education program at a local community arts center. I got to teach creative writing classes for the community--and I loved it!

In 2011, I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with my MFA in Creative Nonfiction. That same year, I started my career as an English professor. I have been teaching at the university level ever since, and since then, I have been promoted several times and was granted tenure.

In 2020, I started teaching on
Outschool, a platform that provides live online instruction to kids ages
3-18. This led me to rediscover a
love for being an independent educator. Outschool, however, doesn't offer classes for adults.

That's why I decided to launch my own platform for online classes! My goal is to provide opportunities for adults who crave the great conversations, opportunities for self-expression, and improved skills that come with being a part of a virtual classroom community.

Importantly, these classes are designed to be affordable and attainable. EVERYONE is eligible for a scholarship; if you find that the cost of a class is too much for you right now, reach out and we will discuss the discount that will allow you to participate.

The Boltz Ranfeld Family

A bit more about me:

  • I'm from Indiana.

  • I have a husband (Ben) and 2 kids.

  • I've always loved animals, especially dogs. I have 2 dogs (Scout and Jasper) and several chickens. We also have a hedgehog named Zucchini.

  • I aspire to learn as much as I possibly can about the rich world of French cheese.

  • I can't go to Disney World without crying when it's time to leave.

  • I teach from an intersectional feminist perspective with anti-racist, trans-inclusive, and nonbinary-affirming goals.

Interested in the classes I teach for young kids, tweens, and teens?
Visit my Outschool profile!